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As land became more scarce  man struggled to develop flotillas, seaborn cities capable of generating  power from ocean currents and durable enough to remain floating for thousands of years. 
As water levels rose and resources became harder to locate the Corporate States split and dissolved into respective city councils.
The two largest cities, Oceania and Pacifica, were able to maintain relative peace until a terror attack damaged Pacifica's genetic Pulmenti reserves.
Soup leaked into the surrounding area and caused the flora and fauna to warp into genetic horrors. Pacifica's leaders refused to believe Oceania was not responsible for the attack and declared it would answer this aggression with hostile force.
With the many dangers now present on the Earth, the remnants of the human race are drowning in war.

The  Razor and the Gale Jump Start

Coming 2021

The golden age has come and gone technology has made the wondrous feats and horrors of fantasy a reality.

Humans could interact with technology on a conscious and unconscious level like never before. But humanity was still not immune to tragedy. While some reached for the stars and created a cosmic ecosystem, others consolidated power on Earth. 

While man and machine prepared technology intent on destroying one another; nature struck a decisive blow against both.

The knowledge of the golden era was lost and humanity was thrown into a New Dark Age, but the technology, long forgotten, was still there.

 Creatures of myth and horror emerged pulled and designed by the nightmares of humanity; bio-forms and gene manipulations created by the collective unconsciousness of human myth and fear.

Spaceship Landing on Earth

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Savage One Shots

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Based on the novella by Dr. John William Polidori, The Vampyre is a gothic horror adventure designed for 4 to 6 players.

When a doctor of mental health requests aid in locating an escaped patient the party must unravel the mystery of the Vampyre.

This module is designed with a divergent story path. Game Masters can select from four separate adventure paths allowing for replay opportunities and subversion of player expectations. 

Release 2019

“You lock-in and the neural interface connects to your cerebellum. The Hard Suit is you and you are the Hard Suit. The airlock beneath you opens and the vacuum pulls freezing air around you. The locking mechanism disengages and the void pulls you into free fall. It feels like ages until the hard sand beneath you folds your legs into a crouch. You've landed planetside, and though you are an apex predator on this world, no one is safe. You will need to find a defensible position as your sensors warn you hostiles are inbound."

Intruder Alert is a campaign that combines elements of Hard Sci-Fi, Post Apocalypse, and Giant Mecha Action. In this, the first adventure, the Party must escape a crashing spacecraft and defend themselves from the hostile population of a war-torn planet.

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